Other ROTT site 2004/ 09/ 22

3DRealms Site - ROTT  : Game develop company (Apogee = 3DRealms)

"ROTT in Hell"  :  Fragmaster 's Definitive History of ROTT

Classic Gaming's ROTT Worship Site : A site of introduce ROTT

WinROTT download page ROTT Win32 Port program "WinROTT" download page! Get for your ROTT version, and extract all file to your ROTT game dir.

It's still beta testing , may had many bugs , if you find bugs you can go 3DRealms , ROTT Source Code Forum - ROTT Windows Ports? (about this port posts on last pages) to report!


http://home.kimo.com.tw/playerlin1/ : This is a T-Chinese site for Introduce a Taiwan old game series on Taiwan. (I don't sure you can come in because your network ISP maybe blocked the server...) 

http://home.kimo.com.tw/playerlin2/ : This is a T-Chinese site for Introduce some Taiwan game on Taiwan.