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About Rise of the Triad  , many links from  

some levels and level of Editor made needs "Rise of The Triad" register version will be played , I can't put the register version game links to give downloaded, please search yourself ( I don't promise no site can be download it.....) THE BEST METHOD IS GO TO 3DREALMS SITE TO BUY IT!!

Name Description Download
ROTT Shareware       Ver 1.3 Rise of The Triad Shareware (Free) ver. : The HUNT begins : 3582KB
ROTT patches
ROTT Official FAQ Official Game FAQ
Extreme ROTT Levels Originally part of the EROTT package, now freeware Extreme ROTT Levels 97KB
ROTT Reject Level Pack Levels by Apogee for ROTT, but never used. ROTT Reject Level Pack 51KB
Wolf3D Level Add-on Level for ROTT by Joe Siegler Wolf3D Level 3KB
You & Spray Level Add-on Level for ROTT by Joe Siegler You & Spray Level 34KB
Lasersoft ROTT Deluxe Levels 6 new and unique ROTT levels Lasersoft ROTT Deluxe Levels 50KB
RottED v1.1

ROTT level Editor , My level project used it to made. 

Can runs on Win98se & win2000 

But my level 's RTL file size is more bigger than other DOS editor... : 210KB

"Rise of The Triad" Source Code (3.8MB)

My Project Levels: updated at 2004.08.09

how to played it? When you download my level package file and extract all file place to your installed ROTT reg. directory.  Running "Setup.exe" on ROTT game directroy.   On Main Menu , choice Use Modified Stuff / Choose Alternate Game Levels  and select "DarkReal.RTL".  Than exit to Main Menu and choose Save and launch ROTT. When into the game , choice "New Game" and fun.

Name Description Download
1. The Dark Realm Ver 0.1.5 15KB