I'm a computer gamer , like programming and well-known Visual Basic , but unfamiliar C..... :(

I'm a ROTT fan From Taiwan. Love Playing Games. And had some English. Played a lot of game , I like some ACT , Adventure game, RPG , FPS , Racing games. 

but I always playing FPS game such as Quake 1,2 , Duke Nukem 3D , Duke Nukem MP Half-Life, Counter-Strike , Doom 1, 2 and other doom-engine game , Blood , Rise of the Triad... etc.

sometimes , I always go to some game's site and search for a lot of maps ., map pack , total conversion and downloaded it to play...

But my skill of FPS game isn't good , always need "cheat" to finish...|||

I made this site to persons know... "Rise of The Triad" even only a old,antiquated game, and the engine is lagging far behind.

But IT'S A BEST GAME ON MY HEART...   Therefore let me some hated microsoft...|||| 

Because my computer , In Windows 2000 SP4 , when playing DOS games, and game sometimes runs fast, sometimes runs slow.... so I need switch to Windows 98 SE to play ROTT....... :(  

Why I made ROTT site and levels

Because I like ROTT and making ROTT level is so easy, so I decided to do ROTT's level project and this site to released it and introduce ROTT.

I tried DN3D , DNMP , HL engine game and DOOM engine game 's level edit , due it seems hardly to me. so nothing finished now. 

My project is only finished one of level...and I'm so proud about it...

I hope everybody will like it. (maybe not) 

at last... I feel very sorry about my pool English, grammar on this site of pages maybe is bad...